Tax Saving Mutual Fund
Save Tax And Invest In ELSS Mutulsl Fund

When we here ELSS, that time one question will come in our mind what is ELSS. Now we start with ELSS.

ELSS means Equity Linked Savings Scheme, it is a TAX saving Mutual Fund. What kind of reason you will choose this mutual fund. Then see the Advantages, And Disadvantages of this mutual fund let’s see.

ELSS mutual fund is better for investors who want to avail tax exemption under section 89C. This Mutual fund has a minimum locking period for 3 years, and you can continue to future years. When you compare in the market with other tax-saving funds it gives better returns as 12%. ELSS gives you returns as 12% so this fund is Risky? Yes, this fund is Risky. And is very good for risk-takers. If you searching for the safest funds in the market there is an option for PPF & FD’s. But PPF & FD’s gives you 7-8% returns which are less than ELSS.

You can invest in ELSS for long term goals by saving your Tax, And you can start with Rs.500. There is no maximum investment limit of this fund. With the help of an agent or online, you can invest in this fund.


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