Lockdown in India is leading to very bad results on the economic system. And recently, Respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country to use more Indian products and promote local products. Modi Ji says that self-reliance also prepares for tough competition in the global supply chain and we have to play a big role in the global supply chain.

To be a vocal for local:

Not only in lockdown, but we should also use local products made in India even after lockdown. India only benefits more by purchasing Indian Products. We should promote Indian products and local brands in India. In recent times, only local brands are helping us. Our Prime Minister made one thing right that global brands were local brands at one time, it was their public that promoted, used, they proud of theirs local brands, that’s why local products today are global products. And now we have to become vocal for local.

There is no shortage of skills in India, and different skills are seen in every state. At this time, we should also pay more attention to talent, expertise. And these local businesses will have to be promoted. These people made local brands have helped us a lot in COVID-19, so we should never forget their favor. Local brands have to be promoted from the vocals for local as per our PM Modi Ji says. Promoting local brands will help to improve our Indian economy.

So you must be thinking how should we promote Indian local brands and Indian Products?

Let’s talk about products which are made at home. A lot of people sell their goods on the side of the road in India. I am not talking about Chinese products; I am talking about products that are made at home, such as spices, cotton clothes, and home products, which are good made of good quality. In many villages, people do small businesses and make homemade products (Gruh Udyog), we should promote them by purchasing those products, and we should encourage them.

Think if we promote these products, then a local product can become a big product of India, and from that, the Indian people can also get employment. By becoming a big Product, employment will increase, the money will be in India itself, and similarly, if we promote Indian industries, then India will become more self-sufficient.

Let’s talk about the Indian stock market too:

Very few people in India invest in the stock market. Only two percent of people invest in stocks. If we buy Indian company products, then companies can get a good profit, and if you have invested in the same company, then you will also get good benefits. There are many good companies in India in which you can invest. Like Marico, which makes coconut oil, the best Indian product called Parachute Coconut Oil, Cadila Healthcare Pharmaceutical company, The Tata group companies, Godrej Industries Ltd, And a lot of good companies you can invest. The Indian products you use daily, or you use for a long time so that you can buy stocks of that company. You have to analysis before investing.


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