US-China trade war impact on India:

Trade Off between Us And China
us-china trade war impact

Corona cases are increasing, and the situation of the lockdown is taking place in the country. Due to this, there is a substantial economic loss. Only China is more responsible for the virus, which can be entirely right. Because, Every time China did not reveal the truth, So it is right to believe china hiding the truth behind the virus.

What kind of restriction can the US bring on China:

Donald Trump is against China. Not only Trump, but many countries are also against China. Due to Coronavirus, many states have suffered financial losses, and many people died due to the virus. Germany, Britain, and Japan are thinking of moving their companies out of China. Some 1000 companies are estimated to be out of China.

The US is suffering from economic losses due to the coronavirus epidemic. The US says that China should help us in fighting the virus and put the truth in front of the world. If China does not do and didn’t support the US so, the US can impose economic sanctions on China. If there is an economic restriction on China, then China can suffer considerable economic losses.

The US may have a trade-off from China, travel impose on China means they can ban visa on Chinese travellers, can get the right to seize the property of China, apart from this, Chinese companies may find a halt in listing on the US stock market.

US in progress with China from 20 years:

If seen, from 20 to 25 years, America has been making trade relations with China. Such as investment of American companies in China, Import-Export, investment from the stock market, etc. Due to this functional relationship between America and China, the US has helped China to grow the economic situation to a large extent.

How does India benefit if US trade off with china:

India can benefit significantly from the US’s economic embargo on China. About 300 companies are ready to plant in India. The market of India is vast; then other countries can think to invest in India at this time. Because the rest of the countries are thinking of withdrawing investment from China and companies are planning to exit from China. These countries can think of doing business with India. There are many reasons. India is a secular country, and the young generation is very high. If seen, the staff expenditure on India is much less than that of China, and companies can benefit well from this.

India has the right place for manufacturing plants, and the number of people working is more, then foreign companies can think to come here for business. There may be an increase in trade in India, such as manufacturing, import-export, etc. which may increase employment in India. And at the same time, FII investment in India’s stock market can also grow more, which will help in expanding the business of companies.


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