Welcome to my new blog. Recently I was thinking why the peoples are afraid of stock markets and they choose the old way of investment like Real Estate, Fixed Deposits, Gold And Mutual Funds. I ask a few people they told me the stock market is so volatile and risky.

In the stock market, “Risk” word cames when you didn’t analyze the market And invest like a speculator. When you analyze the companies and invest in the stock market at that time the profit ratio will 60-70%. If we turn to our subject “RISK”, it is everywhere in the investment options. Actually most people thinking that there is always a loss in the stock market and there always a risk. But for investment purposes, the stock market gives multiples of returns in long term investments. Now we discuss “RISK” word in Real Estate, Fixed Deposit, Gold And Mutual Funds investment.

Fixed Deposits:

If we look at the risk in terms of investment is everywhere.  People think that if we make a fixed deposit in banks, then we can get a good return to some extent like a maximum of 6 to 7 percent is fine.  But if we look at the inflation rate of our country is 6.70%.  It is a matter of thinking according to this inflation rate that the thing you are buying 100 rupees, you can get 110 rupees after a few years, right?  If it is a matter of security of money, then the bank can also be closed due to big scams and loans.


Mutual funds offer very good returns because we invest in a good mutual fund, and there is a group of good researchers who divide your money into good stocks and put them in different companies.  If we thought about the risk then the whole stock market had come down in October 2008, that is why the returns from the mutual fund would have come down.

Real Estate:

So let’s talk about real estate now.  Here you get the best returns.  Like somewhere you purchase a land or flat and then sell it at a good price. Returns are good, and when thinking about “risk”, there can also be a large dumping ground that can cause your land and flat prices to fall and you get a loss in that.


Now let us talk about investing in gold and it has been an investment from traditional.  Mostly your gold investment is not going to be a waste, it is also a good way of return.  And speaking about “risk”, there are risks and volatility in commodity sectors.

So this is my opinion about risk. It depends on you how you are thinking about the stock market. You should have to invest by analyzing it well so that will becomes a good return deal.


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