The main objective is to reduce the use of foreign products and promote Indian products. #vocalforlocal 

These days India is facing many crises. For example, due to the corona epidemic, the economy in India has been badly affected. India’s neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Nepal and China are seen to be deteriorating.

The virus that spread from China has taken the form of an epidemic in the whole world. And China virus is being discussed all over the world, many countries are very angry with China and do not want to keep ties.

China’s economy is very large and is far ahead in terms of import and export. There are considerable imports and export trade between India and China. But, china export more than India, and India imports more than China.

The thing is India has to become a self-dependent country. That’s why Vocal for Local is being promoted in India. So that people of India can get more jobs. And India will reduce importing from other countries.

Corona has been infected by China and which affected the economy of whole countries. We lost our 20 soldiers on the border due to china. China is making profits from India and is making India’s losses with the same profits.

Let’s see how China does business with India:

As I said, China has a very large import and export business with India. In which China exports many things to India like plastic toys, electronics, cotton, furniture, Machine Parts, etc. One thing is there India imports more than China, and few products only import china from India. China exports to India in many sectors, And if we stop some sectors importing, then China can suffer a lot of loses.

India exports ₹ 1 lakh crores to China and China exports ₹ 5.5 lakh crores to India. India’s imports from China have reduced in the Corona epidemic. If India stops importing from China, then China could directly lose ₹ 5.5 lakh crores of business.

China toys market in India:

If you look at any toy, there is no doubt that you will see Made in China. Many products are of a flame quality which also harms the environment. If we stop thinking about saving the environment and stop buying flame quality products, then to a large extent we can stop importing such products from china. Good quality toys are made in India also but they do not make much space in the market. The result of which we have to import from China.

Indian Import's From China

The trade volume of Importing From China:

Most of the electronic items are imported from China. In India, there is a market of about ₹2 lakh crores of smartphones. 72% of mobiles in India belong to Chinese companies. Televisions also have a market of ₹25,000 crores.

China has a very large market in Toys and 80% of the toys in India imports from China. ₹10,000 crore toys are imported in India every year. Cotton worth ₹12,000 crores, ₹15,000 crores of furniture, etc. And lights, electronics, steel, raw materials and many items are largely exported to India.

If we reduce import from China then we can promote Make in Indian products. There is no shortage of art in India due to the large population.

BIS: The Bureau of Indian Standards

It is an organization that sets standards for 25,000 products. BIS regulations are going to be tightened in India so that cheap and useless products of China will be not imported in India.

Be Vocal For Local:

If India wants to become a self-reliant country, then we want to promote more and more local products of India.


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