Should Stocks Buy, Sell Or Hold?
Should Stocks Buy, Sell Or Hold?

You see that the market has dropped a lot this week. There is a lot of selling in the market. So in this retail investor should buy or sell? First, we know why the market is falling so much and how much will fall?

Facts About Down Fall…

This is my first experience with the sharp decline of the market. I had about the fall of 2008 and I also wrote an article that you can read in my blogs. So let’s now know which is the biggest reason for the market to fall.

Coronavirus is spreading in the world due to which a stressful environment has been created in the global market. Selling has been going in the market for the last several days. But is the Indian market falling due to Coronavirus only?

The Indian stock market was on correction mode and PE was also very high due to which the market was bound to decline, and coronavirus also became one of the reasons that helped the market to fall more.

See the market sometimes reacts reaction for overreaction. Not only India, all the markets of the world are falling highly and the markets of Asia have also fallen form last week. If the markets of the world are falling due to any reason or due to coronavirus, then that time we can see the Indian Market also fall. As you can see coronavirus is not come in India But still, the Market is falling.

So should we invest in this falling market or not?

Most of the investors’ portfolio maybe came down at this time and if I have seen my portfolio has come down, due to which I had purchased stocks recently in the last month itself, so my portfolio has been little below. But I cannot decide to sell stocks right now, because I bought undervalued stocks at a good price. Perhaps the market can fall even further until good news comes and the market cannot stay down for much longer.

So should we invest now?

Right now many stocks are at a good price and also undervalued. If you are getting which item for much less than its real price then this deal is good. If you are getting an Rs. 10,000 phone for 9000 then you should buy if the thing is good and you really need. Maybe even if it is available in 8000 or 11000 in next week. Because of the reason for buying, you are doing the deal in less than 10,000 and you are making a profit of 1000.

You can buy whatever sector’s top leading companies are getting at a good price & in undervalue, for a long period. But you don’t do Speculating. And you keep in mind that you are investing, not betting. According to the investment, a lot of stocks are being sold at a good price, so you can think about buying now rather than selling.

Scientific studies have found that 1.5 and 2.0% of people die from Coronavirus. And Coronavirus is not much infected in a hot environment. Therefore it is not found here in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. And as the heat increases its effect will also decrease. It is expected that its effect will reduce many more in the next one or two months. So maybe in 1 or 2 months global news can come good.

you can view video published by news channel:-

And to reduce its infection this is our prayer because many people have died due to this.

Thank for reading, I really appreciate your time…


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