We have heard a lot about gold since childhood, today the prices went up and a few month’s prices were so cheaper. Everyone dreams of having a lot of gold. And people of India did not like gold it cannot be possible. Therefore the highest gold in the world is high in India.

Most people in India buy gold as an investment purpose. And gold has given a return of 12% councils in 60-70 years, which is more than FD’s. But now investing in gold at this time would be right? So let’s discuss it.

Facing Problems With Physically Buying Gold:

When you buy gold from a shop so you have to pay extra making charges for it. And when you go to sell, they give you only the gold real price not including making charges. so in that, you are getting a bit a loss in it.

You have taken the gold and then you are afraid of stealing the gold. And if you purchased gold many years ago so that design will be old and not to be high demandable for selling at high price.

The most important thing is that as long as you have gold, it will not make money for you unless you sell it.

Now you will be thinking about how to invest in the gold in the best way to get good returns :

Sovereign Gold Bond:

It is a government scheme. Which gives you in the form of bond. In that, you can keep your gold as a certificate in Demat Account. So that there will be no fear of theft.

How will benefit from Sovereign Gold Bond:

Sovereign Gold Bond is issued from RBI. And you have to buy it for 8 years because it has an 8 year of locking period. Now let’s talk about 8 years how you will earn without selling it. This certificate gives you 2.75% interest every year which is good.

When you sell back to RBI after 8 years you will get the real cost of gold. Which one that time running price in the market and you don’t have to pay tax on your profit.

How to Buy: Two or three times a year the government opens the certificate subscription, which you can buy from the bank and you can take information from there.

So this was a good way to invest in gold with the Sovereign Gold Bond scheme.

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