Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your family. Many festivals are celebrated in India, And Ganesh Festival is a festival in them, Ganesh Utsav is celebrated in India with much love and reverence. Like every year this year also, the celebration appeared in people with love and reverence.

As we know, the corona epidemic is going on all over the world. Due to this, there has been a big decline in small and big businesses. Many business are in India, and there are many Gruh Udyog from many cities and rural areas. Due to the lockdown from 25 March, people had to go out for shopping stopped for a long time. Also, due to the closure of companies, many workers were not getting a salary even. Therefore many people were avoiding spending more. And it is directly affecting local sales and small businesses.

In recent times, many companies have started, and money is slowly coming into the trend and rolling in the market. The lockdown has also been removed in many cities from a few days, and somewhere from a few weeks, so small businesses are also running. But the seasonal businesses impacted mostly due to the pandemic.

Impact on Seasonal Businesses:

Ganesh idols are made in many Indian states, and good purchases are made in the market every year. If we talk only about Mumbai city, there are more than 300 sculptors in Mumbai. They earn well only in this season of the Ganesh Festival. Many idols are quite large, about 15-18 feet, and they cost from 1 to 1 .5 lakh, and these idols look much beautiful. This year the sector did not make much profit, and idols did not sell much, like the previous year.

But this year much affected in sales. This year, Ganesh pandals have been got many restrictions in many states. Due to which many things were not purchased, which was to be used in decorating. As we know, in Sarvjanik Mandals, many things were purchased like huge idols, foods, lights, decorations, flowers, etc. But this year, due to the many restrictions, these things are not purchased in the market. The seasonal market got much affected by the many restrictions and pandemic situations.

More Indian Products in the Market:

Decorative Items, Lights are mostly available Made in India...

There has been a slowdown in the market this year, but in the market indian products are in demand. People make decorations for the Ganesh Utsav in their homes. The decoration is done in the Ganesh festival with many things. So this year, many stalls were there for decoration products. This year the products were selling that was mostly Indian made, And Indian products more in demand in stores. A few things were made in China, and these products was imported in the last year as per shopkeeper says. And the shopkeepers are also not intrested in selling Chinese products.



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