Savings & Investment plans!!!

How much do you save money every month…?

As we know that inflation is increasing every year and in this situation, it becomes to difficult to save money. The government is also advising people about investing. The government are taking good actions and good scheme in financial fields so, therefore, that is a good time for investing & for good returns.

Did You Know:

How many Indian peoples are investing in share markets? The answer is only 2%, As you know 10-12 years Ago there was demand for IT’s & engineers field & now a good opportunity for the share market to investing, The ratio for investing in Share Market and Mutual Funds are increasing. So what did you think its a good time to Investment in there? Comment below why And mention what is the reason.

Do you know there are many schemes in the market that you can get good returns from there?

We will write blogs of good investment plans & safe plans for good returns at least 15-25% from the market per Annam. And we will upload blogs on Stock Market.


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