The market has fallen down now the right time to invest in the Stock Market…. You also know that when the market fall, you should have to invest in the Stock Market. But we are a little confused about where to invest. Some peoples wishing to invest but they confuse where to invest. So let’s discuss this.

If seen now, the Sensex has come down 15-20% in this one month, so chances of getting good stocks can be found here. NIFTY and SENSEX have given very good returns over a long period of time. Now both indexes have come down so how do we invest in it?

Currently, the index is trading at the price of two years ago. When the market crashed in 2008, it was fully recovered in only 1-2 years. So now you have to invest for a long period so that we can get good returns in the long run. Nifty and Sensex are at very low prices, so how to invest in an index?

A good way to invest in the index is through Index mutual funds. So know-how

You must have seen that there are many types of mutual funds like Equity Mutual Fund, Debt Mutual Fund, Hybrid Mutual Fund And one more is Index Funds.

Index Mutual Funds

Index Funds:

Index funds are those which track the stocks of the index. If the index has given 10 percent returns last year, then the index fund will also give the same return. Right now the index has come down and we know to invest in the Market. If you know good stocks then you can invest in stocks, but you are having trouble finding good fundamental stocks, then you can invest in index mutual funds.

How will index funds be in the future?

We cannot decide the future price of stocks, but we can assume that the index will grow better in the future. This is because India’s economy is in the process of growing well And now the index has been trading at the price of two years ago.

Aware Of Stock Market in India:

Only 2 percent of Indian people invest in the stock market. And this time people are getting aware of the stock market. As more people continue to invest in the stock market then the industries will help to get good funds to grow up and the market will see good growth.

If You are in trouble finding good stocks to invest in the market so can invest in Index Mutual Funds for the long term.

That was my blog on INDEX Mutual Funds, Thanks for reading & I really appreciate your time. Stay Invested…


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