Before we begin, we praise our country, despite being so populated, we have controlled the coronavirus in a good way from the rest of the other countries. #stayhomestaysafe

How to recover Loss in Recession Period

I am a fundamental long-term investor, so I think of selling stocks after more than a minimum of three years. If you see the price of shares in the market now, prices of stocks are fallen too much.

Right now, there are prices of stocks in the market like sales, so many people think if they buy any stock this time, that will increase automatically after few months. But this is not true if it happens like that, so everyone will rich and make money easily from the stock market. Now you will confuse which stocks to buy now?

In a recession, the best opportunities are to buy good stocks at the undervalued price. But which stocks to buy now? Let’s See…Don’t buy stocks without Analysis…

Companies that are fundamentally weak in times of recession they too fall than other best leading reliable companies.

Buy those stocks that are in the top three in their sector.

Criode Oil As Raw Material:

The prices of Crude Oil have fallen a lot, so those companies that they use Crude oil as a raw material for making their product, so these companies get a reasonable cost for making their porduct, and they can make a good profit after the recession. So you can choose a reliable fundamental company in these working process.

Banking Stocks:

Our credit to GDP ratio is very low, so there may be an increase in financial services in the coming 8-10 years. Therefore, you can choose the top three banking stocks, and you can also choose stocks of good government banks which are available at a good price.

That was my overall about chosing best stock in recession period and recover Loss in recession.

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