This blog is going to be quite interesting maybe. We will know how to make passive income or regular income. There are two types of income, such as active income and passive income.

There is a difference between an entrepreneur and a professional, such that as long as the professional works, his income will be generated and the entrepreneur develops the idea of ​​a business that keeps him generating income.

On seeing this, the longer a chartered accountant meets his customer, the more he will get an income and if he takes leaves then he will not be able to earn income during that holiday.

But this is the difference between a professional and an entrepreneur or businessman, he makes such a business method if he goes on holiday or takes a leave, then his income keeps increasing or generating. So this is income which is called passive income and Recurring Revenue model.
In this blog, we will focus on such ideas by which you can generate passive income.

You start these methods in small first and later contribute more to increase your passive income. Do the work in which you have a lot of interest, and you can work in that for a long time. Think as a long term plan means it will help to generate your passive income for a longer time.

How can I make passive income in 2021?

1.Stock Market And Mutual funds:

You must have heard the stock market and mutual funds. This is a good source to generate passive income. To do any work you must practice that thing. You should learn and practice the stock market for some time and invest in the stock market and generate passive income. You can invest in good companies and generate good income. And if you invest in the long term then you can generate good income after a few years.

Mutual funds are also a good way to increase money through compounding. If you do not know much about the stock market, then by investing in Mutual Funds every month, you can generate good income in 10 to 15 years. You have to choose a good mutual fund, and you will have to invest through SIP.

You can generate and compound good money from the stock market and mutual funds but it will take you a long time. Also you can make good assets in that.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You can make a good income source by selling products online. If you do not have any products then how to sell products? You can make money by selling someone else’s products through affiliate marketing. Meaning if you sell a product, you get a good commission on that product.

You can sell products through online promotions to sell the products. If you doing affiliate marketing with Amazon and Flipkart, then you can sell goods through their product links through sharing links on What’s App and Facebook or other platforms.

How can I make passive income with no money?

3. Write A Book:

Now you will think about what is the relation between book and passive income. You can generate a good source of income by writing a book. There are many people who generate income by writing good books.

As long as their books are sold, their income continues to be generated. There are many authors who generate a good income from book writing.

4. Write A Blog:

If you like to write then it will be good for you to write a blog. If you have a good understanding of or you like to travel, finance, sports, fashion, technicals, and any subject then you can start your own blog. Blogs can also be started for free, but if you have to prepare your good blogs website, then you can do it between 3-5 thousand. Also you have to learn SEO, from that you can rank your website and it will help to grow your income.

So how can you make money from a blog? You can earn money by placing ADs on your website and if your website ranked well, then you can earn good money from paid promotion too.

5. YouTube

You must have seen a lot of videos and you will also know about YouTube. YouTube also a good earnings source. When you play a video on YouTube, at the beginning of that video or anywhere in the middle, youtube displays ads, then the video creators get paid from those ads. While viewers watch the ads or to click on the Ads.

You can start a YouTube channel for free. You will get Adsense Approve on YouTube’s policies, and on Subscribers, you can earn good money from Adsense.

6. E-Books:

E-books If you are fond of writing, but you have problems in publishing books, then you can publish your book through e-books. Just like you search for information about something and you get its information in PDF form, you can publish your PDF. On a good topic or a story or if you know about Nutrition, then you can publish it.

  • Choose A Interesting Topic
  • Find The best Publisher
  • Publish your E-Book

If you publish your PDF book online at the best cost then you can earn a good amount of money. Like you can write your next books and blogs on your audience’s favorites topics & continue your Passive Income.


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