How To start Investing:

Are you thinking to start investing in stocks? But are you afraid of investing or you are not getting the right information about the stock market? So you have come to the right place. Basic Stock market investing information you need, maybe you will get here.

First of all you must have a demat account. If you have to invest in stock market then you must have demat account from a good stock broker. Like as your money is saved in your saving and current account, similarly the stocks you bought is store in your demat account. So let’s get a little information about demat accounts and best demat account in india.

Best Demat Account In India 2020:

To open an demat account, you need some documents, and this is mandatory. To open a new demat account, you need these documents based on the new rules, Aadhar card, PAN card, six months bank statement and a cancelled cheque.

There are two types of Demat accounts. One is full service and the other is a discounted Demat account. See there are many stock brokers in India. which are discounted and full service. These two types of accounts have been split due to services only.

Full Service Demat Account:

Full service brokers provide you full services in your investing. Like the recommendation of a stock, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds are advised to invest. These brokers also provide you an advisor who gives you a wide variety of advice in your investing. They have offices in many cities but mostly in the big cities. So you can go physically in their office and you can trade their. Also you can get any kind of information about your account and portfolio there. These accounts much expensive than discounted brokers.

Discounted Broker Demat Account:

Discounted brokers provide only the platform to buy and sell stocks. These brokers do not provide you with a personal advisor. But this broker will give you a reasonable price for opening an account. Their opening fee is very low, and many brokers provide zero rupees of cost. Our advice would be if your capital is small then you can open an account with a discounted broker. You can open account to click below link. both are the best demat account in india.
Open account with Upstox:

Open Account with zerodha:

Make your decision for Investing In market:

First of all, you have to decide how many periods to invest and how much to invest. If your age is 30 or less or you have the best knowledge of analysis stocks, then you can invest in small-mid cap stock, little risky stocks for long term purpose, and if you are old, or you have not much time for investment or stocks analysis then you can invest in low-risk stocks and Nifty-50 Stocks.

It would be advisable for beginners to invest in NIFTY 50 stocks, After that you can make changes in your portfolio as per your plans and analysis.

How can I start investing in stocks?

If you are new to the stock market, then you can invest in large capital size companies. Large cap stocks are slightly less risky than small cap stocks. You can invest in NIFTY 50 stocks of Nifty. The capital size of these companies is quite large (Large-Cap). And you will also know the names of many of these companies, so it will be easier for you to analyze. And away from penny stocks and small cap stocks in the beginning.

It would be best if you learn about investing and stock analysis, that means you not buy a company that has a lot of debt, or the promoters of those stocks are not able to manage their company properly.

See, there are more than a thousand stocks in the stock market. In these, it is a bit difficult in the early stages of choosing a good company. And if you have good stock analysis knowledge, you can get returns up to higher percent’s of returns, And maybe your today’s stock turns in to the multi-bagger stock in the future.

You can invest in those companies whose products you use in daily life:

We like many company sevices. We have been using many products since childhood and even many products we don’t like to replace with other products. Because we have trust and connected with the product and company from a long time. So you can find these types companies in stock market easily just by clicking company name.

The products which we use from long time like Godrej No. 1, and Good Knight this product making company listed name as GODREJ Industries, the most popular brand and you can get easily every shops in india parachute coconut oil the company listed name as MARICO. If you see their recent graph is showing good growth. Many stock are in the market which their products we use in our daily life Nestle, Britannia, Dabur, Colgate Palmolive, Zydus Wellness (Nutralite, Sugar Free Products), Hindustan Unilever, etc. you can find many stocks easily as per your favorite sectors like Banking, pharma, FMCG, etc.

Can I invest 100 RS in share market?

Yes, you can start investing from 100 Rupees and even less than 100 Rupees. Many stocks are such that their stock price is less than Rs 100. You will find many midcaps and small-cap stocks. You can invest in good and undervalued stocks based on fundamental analysis.

Must away from penny stocks, like stocks trading at 1, 2, 5 rupees. The risk in these companies is very high, and the volatility is also low, due to which you may have some trouble while selling the stock. Due to poor and bad performance of many stocks, they are trading at a low price today and away from these types of stocks. So what kind of stocks can we invest?

What shares should a beginner buy?

The company that performed very well from the previous years and No debt or less debt, management is good, strong promotor holding, good future growth opportunity you can invest in such companies. You can invest in NIFTY50 stock in early times. You can use this website for Fundamental stocks analysis.

Away from these stocks: Bad Management, Exposed Any Scam, Low Promotor holdings, etc.

I make other articles on stocks investing and new scheme reviews that means you will get an best idea for investing.


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