Where to Invest Money?

Best Investments Schemes Are Here...


Where to invest Money?

We know that we should to invest, but we confuse where to invest.  A lot of investment schemes in the market, but we don’t know where we get good returns. Now we will discuss about Investment plans in Market.

Share Market:

This Is the only way to get good returns. You can get a lot of returns form here, but you need good knowledge in share market. Some people think we know what is the share market and they invest in share market without taking any information about what’s going in the market.  They lose money in that and after that they will never invest in market & they will also say to others people to don’t invest in share market who want to invest market. So now, few of people think if there is a loss in share market why we do invest in that. There is a right way to invest in Share Market. We will detail discuss about on share market in further Blog.

Mutual Funds:

This is the safe and best return platform. I explain you, what is the mutual funds. If you want to invest money in share market but you didn’t know how to invest in share market and you have no idea where to invest as well as you don’t want to take risk so that time, there Is an option for invest money in share market through Mutual Funds. Mutual Funds annual average returns are minimum 10-12 percent. In the market lot of mutual schemes are available, but every schemes are different in them. We will detail discuss about on Mutual Funds in further Blog.

Fixed Deposit ( FD ):

This is the very safest scheme in the market. If you don’t want to take risk with your money  and you want invest your money in any safest so you can invest in FD. But you get only 7-8 percent returns annually from FD, its compare to others it is lowest and others schemes gives you approx 15 Percent return but they are few risky. You can invest money in FD from your bank Account. Every bank has a different minimum FD amount and different time duration like 180 days or 360 days or more. We will detail discuss about on Fix Deposits in further Blog.


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