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Recently Dr. Vivek Bindra has taken respected Mr. Nitin Gadkari’s interview. The critical questions, which Mr. Vivek Bindra Ji has taken quite well. In this interview, there were some vital questions about MSMEs in India, and Mr. Nitin Gadkari Ji responded answers very well and positively.

Mr. Nitin Gadkari is a well-known politician and currently minister of MSME India. They perform their duties very well, and they also a businessman.

Right now, the corona epidemic is going on in the whole world, and the GDP of all the countries is coming down, but India has a good performing GDP if we compare it with the rest of the more prominent countries.

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, Indians have lost 12 crore Job’s, four crore workers have gone back to their villages. Maybe more people’s jobs can be lost.

At present, India’s economy has reduced drastically. If our economy is to accelerate, then if the foreign investment comes to India, it is good for India’s economy.

Mr. Nitin Gadkari Say’s on GDP Growth:

Mr. Nitin Gadkari is a politician and they well known of the economy. They talked about GDP when Vivek ji questioned.

They said that our MSMEs have a contribution to India’s GDP in this way: MSME contributes 29%, Export 48%, and 11 Cr jobs created from MSMEs. And has set a target in the next five years MSME will contribute to GDP, which is not entirely sure; 29 percent growth to 50 percent growth and Export increase from 48 percent to 60 percent and new job will create 5 Crores. And also will launch the Agro MSMEs policy.

Whatever new industry is opening in India, it is mostly planting in such big cities as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Calcutta, etc. which are metro cities and developed cities, which is not good too much. Industries must have the distillation. So the government says that MSMEs are open in villages so that more migrant labor does not have to go to the city. And by doing this, a lot of villas can be made smart villages, and different types of industries will open in various areas in this plan.

Indian GDP financepenny.com

Changes In MSME Plans: growth of msme in India.

Mr. Nitin Gadkari Ji talked about making some improvements in MSMEs during changing times. For example, those who are coming to the micro they have more concession, who is in small they will get few concessions, for the medium they will few concession then small category and for the major industries will get very few concession.

MSME helps to grow india’s GDP:

Many manufacturing plants are moving from China to India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. But more plants are shifting to other countries more than India. These countries are ahead of India in low production capacity. And companies will shift where production happens at a lower cost.

If MSME plants in the villages by the help government, then more production will be possible, and there is no shortage of skills in India. Which will helps for skilled peoples to work with efficiency for quality products.

If you want to watch the full video of Q&A, you can watch it by clicking here. The questions are answered very well, The changes and new schemes in industries are very well explained by Mr. Nitin Gadkari Ji.

In the coronavirus epidemic, many people went to their villages and hometowns. But after this epidemic, after that, industries start again. People will go towards the city for employment.

Like Mr. Nitin Gadkari Ji said that new industries should be plants in the villages so that the working people will get jobs in their towns and the development of the villages will also be speedy. Villages will turn into smart-villages, and also it will help to contribute to growing Indian GDP.



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