2008 market crisis
2008 Indian Stock Market Crisis

I was not in the 2008 Market Crisis, but I have watched the events of that period and heard from experienced people and have also seen the charts of that time.

In the fall of 2008, old investors can never forget, and we should also know. I have seen people on TV and on YouTube comparing 2020 to 2007. But we cannot compare this phase to 2008, before 2008, there was a lot of movement in the market in 2006-2007. Let’s know…

Before 2008, the situation of the market in 2005-07 was very volatile. Share prices were rising very fast. Prices of shares had increased several hundred and a thousand times. People were buying shares without analyzing them because at that time the prices of almost all the shares were increasing rapidly.

Greedy To Buying IPO’s In 2005-2008 :

Since 2005, people were not delaying to buy an IPO. Peoples stays overnight to buy the IPO with filling forms, they were making every effort to get it.

In 2008, the market valuation was very high and the share prices were also exorbitant and overbought. According to the present situation of the market is not at all like 2008. And we cannot do the current situation in 2008. A lot of people made money from IPO’s, but during that time RCOM’s IPO came, people bought it without delay too much. After that, the shares of RCOM, as well as the rest of them, were seen coming down very fast.

That was my opinion on the current market situation. Now, in this situation, there are other reasons for the downfall and it will not like the 2008 Crasis.

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