Very good news for Indian consumers, Today i.e., on July 20, the consumer protection act 2019 is implemented in India. It was pass last year, but this act was to be implemented in January, later to be implemented in March-April but also postponed due to Corona. There was a law in 1986, but it had some loopholes, and the law had to be changed as well, so the government has introduced this act with a few new changes.

Helps to promote Digital India:

The government is rolling out several schemes to promote digital in India. But many people still refuse to conduct online. Many people are afraid of online services, and they are afraid of cheating. Before this act, if the goods ordered from online shopping were found wrong, then the consumer did not complain directly to the online sites, And there was the fear that next time the same lousy stuff come. But in the new act, the consumer can also directly accuse on online sites. Now, All E-Commerce Companies, Tele Shopping, will be under in New Consumer Law. This will protect people from online fraud, and those who do not take digital services will also start taking them.

Let’s Know The Consumer Protection Act 2019:

Selling the wrong products, trapping, fraud, E-Commerce, selling harmful products through Illusory advertisements will stop in huge percentages due to the New Consumer Act 2019. Good law has been made very well and in favor of the consumer. Now Every consumer has more rights, the fraud with the consumer should stop now…

Now, if a consumer is cheated, such as selling adulterated goods and selling harmful goods, a very strict law has been enacted on those who do this. A citizen with whom this has happened can easily file his complaint and the accused can be punished severely.

Digital India is getting a very good response from the public. Right now, in Corona time, Lockdown has taken place in almost all the cities and there is no restriction on online service and shopping. People who did not shop are also shopping online in the Lockdown period.

Consumer complaint:

The consumer with whom the wrong has done can register the dispute from his place of residence(Consumer’s location). And before this act, had to complain from the seller’s location.

The consumer who has been cheated can complaint in any consumer court.


Before, it took a long time to file a complaint, but Now under the new Act, the consumer can file a complaint online easily.

Online websites And Sellers:

Many times consumers do online shopping, they were cheated many times, then according to the new act, the consumer can also file a complaint on the online service provider. However, earlier this tough act was not on the online service providers. eg. As if you did online shopping and you got the goods wrong or defective, then you can directly file a complaint to the online seller ie on that site.

What happened, earlier if you orders goods from like Amazon, Flipkart, or any other online site And if you got those things defective then you would have complied with them, So they used to say that we are the only medium to deliver goods online, there is no fault of ours, And say that blame the seller. So now you can accuse those of online sites too.

Misleading Advertisements:

Many times consumers were sold goods by displaying deceptive advertisements. Now, if someone makes a misleading and fake advertisement, then he may face 2-years of imprisonment and a fine of up to ₹ 10 lakhs. And if this happens again, that person doing so may face 5-year imprisonment and a fine of up to ₹ 50 lakhs.

According to new act:

It will be illegal to charge for the carry bag from the customer, the company providing online services will have to provide the address, email address, website details to the consumer. For selling defect Products 6 months / 1 lakh rupees fine to the supplier. Teleshopping And Online companies will come under this act. And many rules are applied you may read here. You can read all the rules and rights of the consumer protection act’s on the official website.

Be a Vocal for Local so that the common citizens of India get the right contribution, And be a good contributor to becoming a strong India.


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