It is risky to invest in stock market

The Stock Market is Risky To Investment?

Welcome to my new blog. Recently I was thinking why the peoples are afraid of stock markets and they choose the old...
bull & Bear

Bullish and Bearish Terms in the Stock Market: Bull Market & Bear Market

Bull And Bear When we watch at the stock market And Discuss on it, we hear today the...
Where to invest money

Where to Invest Money?

Where to invest Money? We know that we should to invest, but we confuse where to invest.  A lot...
Savings And Investment Plans.

Savings & Investment plans!!!


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Types Of Investors in the Stock Market

Types Of Investors in the Stock Market

If you see, there are two types of investors in the stock market, which is called Institutional Investor & Non-institutional Investor. If...
top Mutual Fund apps in india

Best mutual fund app in India

Mutual fund Sahi Hai? We have heard this many times on TV. Later, when we think to start a SIP, we get...
Benefits of buying Stocks

Benefits of buying Stocks…

Not only do the stocks give you returns in profit or loss. When I was started investing I did not even know...