Bull And Bear

When we watch at the stock market And Discuss on it, we hear today the Market is bearish or Bullish. The two terms in the stock market Bullish and Bearish. Bullish means the Market is aggressive Up And bearish means market is down & stock prices falling. When Economy And Financial conditions Growing, and A particular Sectors are working well. Stock Prices rising that time appear Bull Market And When adverse Economy Conditions, Financial Crisis, Bad News for specific Sectors, lousy management, stock prices falling that time appears bearish Market. Most of the investors and traders like bullish the Market.

Bull Market And Bear Market:

Bulls attack from down to upside as same when market price rise from down to upside; we say the market is bullish or consider the bull market. And Bear attack from up to downside as equal when stock prices falling from up to down; we say the market is bearish consider the bear market.

Speculators are greedy in a bull market and take advantage of the bull market and invest money in stocks. For higher profits & returns, speculators heavily invest money without analyzing a company and sector. But they got a few times profits but not many and regular times. Because in the stock market, all stock sectors and fundamentals are different, therefore when something goes wrong in a company and sector, management changes, financial crisis for that time, the stock prices of that company falls, and speculators get colossal loss. And the market will change the bull market to bear market in a particular sector.

Sometimes In the bull market, prices of stocks overvalued, and then these prices dangerous to investors. The intelligent investor never buys overvalued stocks and never invest without analyzing a company and sector & they buy undervalued stocks to hold for the long term.


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