Welcome to the new blog, thank you very much for liking the previous blog. In this blog, we will discuss about good long term stocks, And we will also discuss what we should follow few points while investing in long term.

Top Stocks For Long Term:

LT₹ 1,052₹ 147,658 Cr9.54
KOTAKBANK₹ 1,763₹ 349,027 Cr.35.2
TCS₹ 2,657₹ 996,952 Cr.31.5
MUTHOOTFIN₹ 1,189₹ 47,693 Cr.13.7
ASIANPAINT₹ 2,180₹ 209,100 Cr.104
GODREJIND₹ 382₹ 12,869 Cr.22.3
CADILAHC₹ 426₹ 43,570 Cr.23.5
MARICO₹ 369₹ 47,685 Cr.42.6
ITC₹ 187₹ 230,227 Cr.16.4

Points before buying Stocks:

Short Term And Long Term Stocks:

When we select stocks, we should decide at that time whether to hold those stocks for short term or long term. Many times it happens that people convert short-term stocks to long-term, that too due to falling stock prices and to avoid losses. And later they will easily say this stock I hold for long term while he was invested for short term.

What To Buy?

Many times people choose long term stocks, then they select the stocks that come up in front of them and as soon as there is a profit of 20-30 percent then they immediately exit from the stock. This is not a good way thinking of long term investment.

We should choose stocks in which we can make good investments for 5 to 6 years and the company should also make good profits. Also the company perform well in these years. The company in which you are investing you should come to understand the business of that company and that company should be good leading in the particular sector.

When To Buy:

When to buy stocks is also very important. It affects your returns. If you have chosen a stock that has already increased by 5 – 6 times, you will not get much returns in such stock and if you invest in undervalued stock then you can get many times returns. So you try to invest in undervalued stocks. If you know technical analysis then you can pick the stock from a good zone and price. When many good stocks have fallen below 40 or 50 percent of the 52 week high, then that the right time to enter in stock and you can hold for 4-6 years.

When you select a stock for a long period, you do not see the price of that stock again and again. When you take a stock at the downward price, then there are many bad news going on that stock in the market. So you do not pay much attention to the news and stock you have.

Screen The Stock:

Many people say take stock and forget or sleep. But this is not good for portfolio. Not everyday, but at some time you have to screen new policies, charts, new competitor, or industry performance etc. about the particular invested stocks.

Yes Bank: Like recently happened with Yes Bank. The stock was trading the price of 380 and now trading at the price of 15. Many investors was invested in Yes bank for long term. TV analyst also was suggesting for invest in yes bank. Those who was screening they exited early and those who doesn’t know about company they stuck in this.

Returns From Stocks:

You should not expect much returns from a stock, and if you get 30 to 35 returns in a year from a stock then it is a good thing. Don’t expect multiple returns in particular stock.

Demat Account: If possible, open two demat accounts, one for trading and one for long term Investing. And always open demat with a good broker because recently we saw a scam in stock broking firm.

Before you invest in long term stocks make a good analysis and try to hold for long period of time…

Thanks For Reading My Blog, and I really appreciate your time.


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