Mutual fund Sahi Hai? We have heard this many times on TV. Later, when we think to start a SIP, we get into some confusion from which platform we start. I am telling you about some of the top 5 mutual fund apps of India, which you like, you can invest from there. You can start SIP directly from these apps. So Let’s see Best Mutual Fund Apps.

Best App For Mutual Fund:

Zerodha- Coin

Zerodha is a discount broker Demat account and that is liked and trusted by a lot of people in India. And also provides Zerodha Coin to invest in mutual funds.

You can open Demat and mutual funds in the same dashboard on web and for mobile, there is app name as Coin Zerodha you can download easily. Just enter Login Id and password it will log in quickly and you can access easily.

In Coin Zerodha, you get some filters that make it easier for you to invest in specific funds. And it also gives you suggestions for funds. So, according to your fund, which you like, you can invest efficiently. Whatever fund you take, it will show you directly in your Demat account on the next day.

SIP Amount is deducted from your Demat account, so the amount of SIP you have should add in Demat account. Adding and withdrawing money in Zerodha is very easy, due to your bank account being linked, you can easily do transactions through internet banking.

It is an excellent reason to invest with Zerodha, and it gives you a Demat account and Mutual Fund account so that you can easily invest in stocks and mutual funds from only one account. Let’s talk about Charges, Zerodha is a discount broker, and this is an excellent platform for you to invest. You have to pay 200 rupees to open an account, which has to be pay only once and Rs 300 annually, which is of Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC.


Groww is a mutual fund investing app. It is the best mutual fund app in India, And it is free. It may take 2 – 3 to create your account. As soon as you open the app, you will get some collections of funds that the Groww has analyzed.

If you are new and you are confused to select high risk or low-risk funds, then you can choose the right fund from the given options.

In this app, You have a bank account link with Groww, so every month of SIP, your SIP amount will be deducted automatically from the bank. There are some accessible settings, and you have to keep them according to you.

And when you close SIP, the amount will be deposited directly on your bank account, which is your account linked. It has excellent customer service, So you don’t have to worry too much with Groww Mutual Fund App.

ET Money

ET Money provides mutual fund platform, and you can also invest in mutual funds through ET Money. In the case of other apps, this app has some more options. Such as smart deposit, insurance, gold deposit, bill pay, etc.

Almost all funds are available in it. You can do car insurance, bike insurance, health insurance with the help of this app.

To open an account in ET Money, you have to fill KYC. You have to submit Aadhaar Card, PAN Card and Bank Proof. After this, your ET Money account creates in some time. It doesn’t cost any extra charges to invest in Mutual Funds.

In this also you get to analyse the funds. You can see where this fund has invested, Fund Manager, Past Records etc. ET Money provides you with a platform to invest in many places.


Kuvera a lot of people have given good reviews on Playstore and this is also the best mutual fund app in India. Here too, there is a cost of exactly Rs. 0 for buying mutual funds. Kuvera also has the option to invest in gold.

To open an account, you have to fill bank details, address and contact information. The account will open within a week. Kuvera is very easy to use. And the fund you need that’s info will quickly found.

Like other apps, this app also provides filters for searching the funds. According to this, you can invest in the fund which one you want.

PayTm Money

This app is very popular in India for payments through mobile scans, such as BHIM UPI, Mobile Recharge, Money Transfer, Paytm Mall, And also provides to invest in mutual funds.

Up to one percent of higher returns Paytm money says. That is why it says that because it does not charge any money on buying mutual funds. And this app also provides zero percent of commission. You can buy and sell as much as you want.

If you want to invest through this app then you will have to download the Paytm Money App. You can log in to the app by entering your mobile number.

If you do not have KYC, you can activate your account by submitting your Name, Bank Details, and address proof.

In this app, you can see past performance of the fund, fund manager, scheme information, fund holding companies. You will not get all the AMC in Paytm Money but almost funds are available.


  • If you are completely new in the stock market and mutual funds, then you can use Coin Zerodha. If you ever want to invest in a stock market, then you can invest directly from Zerodha. Zerodha is a good platform to invest in, And a lot of people use it.
  • And if you want to invest only in mutual funds, you can use Groww or Kuvera. Because it only provides the option to invest in mutual funds And also very easy to use.
  • If you have to do Insurance, Money Transfer, Utility Payments, etc. in one account, then you can use ET Money or Paytm Money.


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